Microsoft Excel

Program Description

Excel is a Spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft and is part of the Microsoft Office Suite.


Supported File Types

icon .xls - Excel Spreadsheet File (Spreadsheet Files)

Microsoft Excel uses the format XLS for its spreadsheets up until Excel 2007 which then used a XML based format that is still in use today in the latest... [More Information]

icon .xlsx - Microsoft Excel XML File (Data Files)

XLSX is the file format used to describe Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files that have been saved in the xml format. [More Information]

icon .shs - Shell Scrap File (Data Files)

SHS is the file format used to describe a shell scrap file which is created when a document is dragged and dropped from a program on to the Desktop, these... [More Information]

icon .ods - OpenOffice Spreadsheet File (Data Files)

ODS is the file format used to describe Spreadsheet files created Open Office Calc are are open xml based files. [More Information]

icon .emz - Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile (Graphic Files)

EMZ is the file format used to describe vector graphic files that are compressed for use in various Microsoft programs. [More Information]

icon .csv - Comma Seperated Values (Data Files)

CSV is the file format used to describe data files that use a text format for database tables, each entry is one line in the text file and the values are... [More Information]

icon .xlsm - Microsoft Excel Macro-enabled Workbook file (Spreadsheet Files)

Microsoft Excel is a spread sheet program developed by Microsoft that makes use of files with the extension .xlsm these files are spread sheet files that... [More Information]

icon .xlr - Microsoft Works Spreadsheet File (Spreadsheet Files)

Microsoft Works is a Home Office program developed by Microsoft similar to the Microsoft Office Suite in that it contains a word processing program,... [More Information]

icon .tsv - Tab Separarted Value File (Text Files)

Text files that have the .tsv file extension are files that contain data that use the following format. . Files consist of lines . Each line contains fields... [More Information]

icon .pip - Office Personalized Menu File (Settings Files)

Microsoft Office is a collection of programs that are related which have been bundled together in to an Office Suite. These programs use setting files that... [More Information]

icon .crtx - Microsoft Chart Template File (Spreadsheet Files)

Chart templates used by Microsoft Office 2007 and higher make use of the .crtx file extension. These files are usually used by Excel to show information... [More Information]

icon .dic - Dictionary File (Text Files)

Dictionary´s are usually lists of words with definitions for them and often includes the correct way to pronounce the word. Many programs that work with... [More Information]

icon .acl - Microsoft Office Auto Correction File (Misc Files)

Microsoft Office makes use of files that have the .acl file extension, these are used as part of the automatic correction used and contains the words that... [More Information]

icon .exd - Control Information Cache File (Misc Files)

Microsoft Office is able to cache information regarding controls that have been use in either a word document or excel spreadsheet. These controls can be... [More Information]

icon .dex - Excel File (Spreadsheet Files)

Files with the DEX file association are files used by Excel. [More Information]