Adobe Illustrator

Program Description

is a vector graphics editor program from Adobe Systems, this program is now in its 15th generation.


Supported File Types

icon .ai - Adobe Illustrator Artwork (Graphic Files)

AI is the file format used to describe proprietary files used by Adobe Illustrator to represent single page vector graphics. [More Information]

icon .eps - Encapsulated Postscript (Graphic Files)

EPS is the file format used to describe a postscript document that describes a graphic or a drawing that can be included in other postscript documents. [More Information]

icon .tif - Tagged Image File (Graphic Files)

TIF is the file format used to describe graphic files that store´s high quality images, these can be lossless due to no compression being used or lossy due... [More Information]

icon .bmp - BMP File Format (Graphic Files)

BMP is the file format used to describe raster image files that ared used for storing bitmap files on Windows and other operating systems [More Information]

icon .ps - Postscript File (Graphic Files)

Postscript is used in Desktop publishing and is a page description language, it uses the .ps file extension when a file is saved using the language and is... [More Information]

icon .tga - Truevision Targa Graphic File (Graphic Files)

TGA is the file format used to describe graphic files created using the image format created by Truevision´for us in the early video software programs. [More Information]

icon .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics File Format (Graphic Files)

SVG is the file format used to describe 2 dimensional vector graphics that can be static and dynamic using a xml based file format. [More Information]

icon .pcx - Paintbrush Bitmap Image File (Graphic Files)

ZSoft Corperation was a software company that developed the PC Paintbrush software which uses the .pcx file extension. The program was later adapted to work... [More Information]

icon .svgz - Compressed Scaleable Graphic File (Graphic Files)

Files that have the .svgz file extension are scaleable vector graphic files which have been compressed. [More Information]

icon .pdd - Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image File (Graphic Files)

Adobe PhotoDeluxe was a software developed by Adobe Systems which was used for image editing, in 2002 it was superseded by Adobe Photoshop Elements. With... [More Information]

icon .pct - Pict File Format (Desktop Publishing)

PCT is the file format used to describe graphic files originally used on Macintosh Computers as its standard metafile format. [More Information]