Program Description

is a processing tool for CD and DVD images files that can open, create and extract iso images it also supports enhanced functions such as encryption, splitting and compression.



Supported File Types

icon .iso - Disk Image File (Disk Image Files)

ISO is the file format used to describe image files based on the ISO-9660 standard, these files contain a copy of the data from the original disc including... [More Information]

icon .cue - Cue Sheet File (Disk Image Files)

When tracks are stored on compact discs they can be stored in the cue/bin format. A cue sheet file which uses the .cue file extension is a text file that... [More Information]

icon .daa - PowerISO Direct Access Archive (Disk Image Files)

PowerISO is a disc image tool that is used to process image files and supports the following functions. . Open, edit, create and extract disc images .... [More Information]