Microsoft Office

Program Description

Microsoft Office is a suite of programs that comprises of-

  » Microsoft Word

  » Microsoft Excel

  » Microsoft Access

  » Microsoft Outlook

  » Microsoft Publisher

  » Microsoft One Note

  » Microsoft Visio

  » Microsoft Powerpoint

The actual programs that are available depend on the version of Microsoft Office purchased.


Supported File Types

icon .mde - Microsoft Access Compiled Database File (Data Files)

Microsoft Access is a management system for relational databases and is also part of the Microsoft Office Suite, when a database needs to be secured against... [More Information]

icon .crtx - Microsoft Chart Template File (Spreadsheet Files)

Chart templates used by Microsoft Office 2007 and higher make use of the .crtx file extension. These files are usually used by Excel to show information... [More Information]

icon .dic - Dictionary File (Text Files)

Dictionary´s are usually lists of words with definitions for them and often includes the correct way to pronounce the word. Many programs that work with... [More Information]

icon .acl - Microsoft Office Auto Correction File (Misc Files)

Microsoft Office makes use of files that have the .acl file extension, these are used as part of the automatic correction used and contains the words that... [More Information]

icon .ops - Office Profile Settings File (Settings Files)

Files that use the .ops file extension are usually files used for custom settings from users in Microsoft Office 2003. [More Information]

icon .lex - Microsoft Office Custom Dictionary Files (Misc Files)

Microsoft Office uses custom dictionary files in addition to the main dictionary, these files have the .lex file extension and are known as Microsoft Office... [More Information]

icon .woc - Microsoft Office 2007 Organization File (Data Files)

Microsoft Office 2007 uses add-ons which are used when creating Organization charts, these files use the .woc file extension. [More Information]