Program Description

WinRAR is a utility that is able to archive files using data compression which was created by Eugene Roshal. The program is also classed as proprietary as it is the only program able to natively create RAR Archives.

It is also able to read and extract ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7z, Z archive formats as well as self-extracting EXE's.


Supported File Types

icon .rar - RAR File (Archived Files)

An archive is a container used for storing data and in the case of RAR archives these are in a compressed format and have been created using the program... [More Information]

icon .zip - Zip File (Archived Files)

Zip is the file format used to describe compressed files that support error recovery, file spanning and data compression. [More Information]

icon .001 - Multiple Volume Compressed File (Archived Files)

is the file format used to describe a file that is part a compressed archive that has been split in multiple volumes, other parts of the split archive have... [More Information]

icon .gz - GNU Zipped Archive File (Archived Files)

GZ is the file format used to describe compressed files created using GNU Zip, this format is generally found on computers with Linux operating systems. [More Information]

icon .tgz - Gzip Tar Archive File (Archived Files)

Unix based computers uses compressed file containing Archive information, these files have the .tgz extension. TGZ files can be opened on both Windows and... [More Information]

icon .bz2 - Bzip2 Compressed File (Archived Files)

BZ2 is the file format used to describe compressed file created with the program Bzip 2, this program is usually used on Unix operating systems. [More Information]

icon .sfx - Self Extracting Archive File (Archived Files)

Files that have the file extension .sfx are archive files made as a executable program that is able to extract the archive that is contained in it, these... [More Information]

icon .z02 - Split Archive File (Archived Files)

Files that use the .z02 file extension are usually partial files from a split archive and are used by a variety of compression programs such as WinRAR and... [More Information]

icon .z - Unix Compressed File (Archived Files)

The .z file format was used on computers running Unix and was used to describe compressed files, this format was eventually replaced by the .gz compression... [More Information]

icon .gzip - GNU Zip Compressed File (Archived Files)

The .gzip file extension is used by files that have been compressed the compression program GNU zip, it allows more than one compression method to be used.... [More Information]