Program Description

eMule is a file sharing client that is used to download files using peer to peer networks.



Supported File Types

icon .met - eMule Information File (Data Files)

MET is the file format used to describe information files used by the P2P program eMule,these files contain information needed by the download. [More Information]

icon .emulecollection - eMule Plus Data File (Misc Files)

eMule is a P2P client program that supports the ED2K, Source Exchange and Kad networks which replaced the eDonkey program, an offshoot of the eMule client... [More Information]

icon .tmpl - eMule Web Interface Template File (Web Files)

Files that have the .tmpl file extension are template files used by the Peer to Peer client eMule, the templates are used for the programs web interface. [More Information]