.flp File Extension

1 recommended file type found in our database for .flp extension:

icon Adobe Flash Project File (Multimedia Files)

Adobe Flash is used to add media such as videos, animation etc to pages found in the Internet, these are usually made from vector and raster graphics.Audio... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .nomedia - Android Nomedia File (Multimedia Files)

Files with the NOMEDIA file extension are Android system files used to hide media files in system folders so that the files do not appear in Media Players. [More Information]

icon .aep - Adobe After Effects Project File (Multimedia Files)

Adobe After Effects is a program used for special effects and animation, project files used by the program have the .aep file extension. [More Information]

icon .dbd - DemoShield Project File (Multimedia Files)

DemoShield from Flexera Software is a program that is used to created interactive demonstrations, learning courses or CD Browsers to show the content of a... [More Information]

icon .nvc - Nero Vision Project File (Multimedia Files)

Nero Vision Express or Vision Extra in newer versions is a program from Ahead AG which is a part of the Nero Burning Suite of programs and is used to create... [More Information]

icon .pro - ProPresenter Export File (Multimedia Files)

ProPresenter is a software used to make presentations that have music lyrics contained within them. The program is able to run on both Windows and Macintosh... [More Information]