.hds File Extension

2 recommended file type found in our database for .hds extension:

icon Windows Digital Right Management File (Encrypted Files)

Windows Media DRM is used for the delivery of multimedia content over the Internet which allows the owner of the media to control the way that the content... [More Information]

icon Hierarchical Dataset File (Geographical Files)

Hierarchical dataset files used by the GIS software suite XMap use the file extension .hds for these files. [More Information]

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Secure/Multi purpose Internet Mail Extension also known as S/MIME is a standard used for encryption and the signing of mime data, it was originally... [More Information]

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WebMoney is a service which allows the user to transfer funds or make payments online, files that are used by Webmoney that store your privet keys use the... [More Information]

icon .pem - Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate File (Encrypted Files)

The public key cryptography system known as Privacy Enhanced Mail was created in 1993, it is a IETF standard but is not as widespread as PGP due to... [More Information]

icon .egisenc - eDataSecurity Encrypted File (Encrypted Files)

Acer is a corporation that manufactures computer related products, with desktop computers and laptops there are various software's bundled one such program... [More Information]

icon .mssign - Digital Signature File (Encrypted Files)

Digital signatures are a way of verifying that a message or file is from an authentic person and that it has not been changed or tampered with under way... [More Information]