.mdm File Extension

2 recommended file type found in our database for .mdm extension:

icon Mario Dash Map File (Game Files)

Mario Dash from Eiksoft is a remake of the game that originaly appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the game uses files that have the .mdm file... [More Information]

icon Telix Modem Definition File (Settings Files)

Telix is a program used under Dos and Windows for communication, definition files used by the program for varions modems had the .mdm file extension. [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

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PAK files are usually used by various games to contain or store information needed during the installation and when the game is played. These files are... [More Information]

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NDS is the file format used to describe files used with the Nintendo DS Video Game Console, these files are usually stored as ROM images. [More Information]