.nrw File Extension

2 recommended file type found in our database for .nrw extension:

icon Nikon RAW File (Graphic Files)

Some digital cameras from Nikon support RAW files which are the photos taken as seen by the sensor chip before any processing, these files use the .nrw file... [More Information]

icon Nero WMA Compilation File (Misc Files)

Nero is a software that can be used for the authoring of CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs and is available as a standalone product or as a part of Nero AGs Suite... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .jpg - JPEG (Graphic Files)

JPG is the file format used to describe a method of lossy compression widely used for photographic images in Internet, it is possible to alter the... [More Information]

icon .cdr - CorelDRAW Image File (Graphic Files)

CDR is the file format used to describe a graphical image usually a drawing or a vector graphic created by the program CorelDRAW. [More Information]

icon .thm - Thumbnail Image File (Graphic Files)

THM is the file format used to describe graphic files similar in size to an icon which is used to represent larger files, they can be used in Internet on... [More Information]

icon .psd - Photoshop Document (Graphic Files)

PSD is the file format used to describe graphic files created in Adobe Photoshop program, this supports many options for images such as layers, transparency... [More Information]

icon .ai - Adobe Illustrator Artwork (Graphic Files)

AI is the file format used to describe proprietary files used by Adobe Illustrator to represent single page vector graphics. [More Information]