.pdg File Extension

1 recommended file type found in our database for .pdg extension:

icon MetaCAM Part File (CAD Files)

MetaCAM is a software solution used for CAD/CAM and includes applications for CNC machines as varied as Turret Punch Presses to Plasma and Water cutting... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .dwg - AutoCAD Drawing Database File (CAD Files)

DWG is the file format used to describe a file used by programs for Computer aided design from the company Autodesk, Inc. [More Information]

icon .dxf - Drawing Exchange Format File (CAD Files)

DXF is the file format used to describe cad files, these are text based and have a high compatibility with other CAD programs. [More Information]

icon .dwl - Drawing Lock Files (CAD Files)

AutoCAD 14 and newer version make use of files known as Drawing Lock Files which use the .dwl file extension, these files are used when a ARX routine is... [More Information]

icon .igs - International Graphics Exchange Specification File (CAD Files)

The International Graphics Exchange Specification is a file format that was created for the exchange of information between CAD programs using a neutral... [More Information]

icon .pla - ArchiCAD Project Archive (CAD Files)

ArchiCAD is a program used by Architects to provide workflow solutions which also provide a bridge between the Architectural and Engineering industry´s.... [More Information]