.sha File Extension

3 recommended file type found in our database for .sha extension:

icon Shell Archive File (Archived Files)

On computers with the UNIX operating system system an archive format is used, this is a shell script that creates a self extracting file, these files have... [More Information]

icon CorelDraw Shader File (Graphic Files)

CorelDraw is a vector graphics editing program and a Graphic Suite from the Corel Corporation of Canada. Shading is used to give objects a more realistic... [More Information]

icon System Management Server Hierarchy File (System Files)

The Systems Management Server was a system management software that was used to manage large numbers of computers and was able to manage patches, updates,... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .rar - RAR File (Archived Files)

An archive is a container used for storing data and in the case of RAR archives these are in a compressed format and have been created using the program... [More Information]

icon .djvu - DjVu File (Archived Files)

Used to store scanned documents to computer the DjVu format was developed from 1996 to 2001 at AT&T Labs. It is usually used to store documents that contain... [More Information]

icon .7z - 7-Zip File Archive (Archived Files)

7z is the file format used to describe compressed files that have been compressed with 7-Zip an open source file compression program. [More Information]

icon .zip - Zip File (Archived Files)

Zip is the file format used to describe compressed files that support error recovery, file spanning and data compression. [More Information]

icon .xpi - XPInstall File (Archived Files)

The Mozilla Foundation is an organization that supports the various Mozilla projects such as Firefox, Thunderbird and various other software. Most Mozilla... [More Information]