.tpf File Extension

2 recommended file type found in our database for .tpf extension:

icon HiJaak PCL Soft Font File (Fonts Files)

Hijaak is a software program that is used for managing graphic files, downloadable PCL (Printer Command Language) fonts used by the program use the .tpf... [More Information]

icon Topocad Profile Form File (Geographical Files)

One well known GIS, Mapping and Surveying program is Topocad developed by Adtollo SE this is a package that is used for Computer Aided Design from the field... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .fnt - Font File (Fonts Files)

Fonts are characters that show letters on a computer, usually most fonts can be either regular, italic, bold and bold italic these are all separate fonts... [More Information]

icon .afs - Adobe Type Manager font set (Fonts Files)

AFS is the file format used to describe a file that is part of an Adobe Type Manager Font Set. [More Information]

icon .gsf - Ghost Script Font File (Fonts Files)

Files with the GSF file extension are Ghost script font files found on UNIX systems. [More Information]

icon .pfb - PostScript Font Binary (Fonts Files)

Adobe uses two formats to store type 1 fonts, one of these is the PostScript Font Binary which uses the .pfb file extension which contain descriptions of... [More Information]

icon .skudef - C & C Red Alert 3 Modding File (Fonts Files)

SKUDEF files are used by the game Command and Conquer Red Alert 3, they give the game information relating to mods which have been added to extend the game. [More Information]