Smart File Advisor

File Extensions, or the characters that precede the last period in a file name, let you you know the type of a file on your computer and you usually know which program or application is required to open the file.

Sometime you may come across a files extension that is not associated with any software on your computer or the file wont have an extension. This is where Smart File Advisor will help you find appropriate programs to open your files using Filefacts large web site database.
If you are having problems to open specific files in your system install Smart File Advisor and it can usually recognise files that have no extension, or have no software associated to them.
Smart File Advisor will be able to identify the type of the file you want to open even if it has a wrong file extension by analysing parts of the file content.

You can download Smart File Advisor by clicking the following link:
Download Smart File Advisor (v1.1.8)



Smart File Advisor can also help you get the latest Software Updates as soon as they become available.
Out of date software can be a big security risk for your computer. let Smart File Advisor notify you as soon as the latest version has been released, and you can download and install it directly from Smart File Advisor's Intelligent Pop up.



Smart File Advisor also includes a MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 checksum/hashing tool for free!
These are like file fingerprints that are used to tell if a file you have on your system or downloaded from the internet is the same file that you requested.
You will be able to use it to verify and compare the integrity of files you download from the Internet, after installing Smart File Advisor just right click any file in Windows Explorer and you will have a new option named Checksum.



Smart File Advisor is 100% free, and is guaranteed to contain no adware or spyware.
You can remove Smart File Advisor at any time, by selecting the uninstall option in Windows Add/Remove utility, found in Windows Control Panel.