Cold Fusion Template File

File Extension:.cfm
Developer:Adobe Systems
Updated:2010-11-29 20:07:41


ColdFusion Markup is a programming language that is used to create web applications, these files use the CFM file extension.

Languages that run on a web server are known as Server Side languages and ColdFusion Markup is such a language, it is also able to communicate with databases. ColdFusion Markup is a Tag based language which places the code between Tags which identify where the code goes.

CFM files are able to be opened in Text Editors but to be of use the programmer needs an understanding of the files.

ColdFusion Markup was created in 1995 by the Allaire Corperation, this was aquired by Macromedia in 2001 which in turn was aquired by Adobe Systems who still own it today.

Compatible Programs

  » Adobe ColdFusion

  » Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

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