Executable File

File Extension:.exe
Updated:2010-11-25 23:02:30
Hex:4D 5A


EXE or Executable file is a file that executes code after being run, usually exe files are used for running programs and program setup routines.

Contained in the exe file are series of instructions that tell the processor what to do, after reading these instructions the computer executes them and performs the operations as needed.

Common executable files are.

  » .exe

  » .bat

  » .com

  » .bin

Under MS DOS to run an executable file you need to usually navigate to the program folder then type the name of the file in the Command Line Interface and press the enter key to run it, if you run the executable file in Windows you can usually run by double clicking on the file.

Due to executable files running programs they can often be used for malicious reasons, this was one of the reason that the newer versions of Windows use UAC or User Account Control that asks the user if he is sure that the file should be run.

Due to the possibility of exe files containing malicious code, care should be taken when you receive such files from unknown sources.

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