Infrared Digital Negative File

File Extension:.idn
Updated:2011-03-11 20:10:21


The IR Image format that uses the file extension .idn is a format created to archive older infra-red image formats due to them no longer being supported by infra-red cameras available today.

IDN files contain

  » Embedded image metadata

  » Analysis tools and results stored in the image

  » Colour pallets

  » Compression/Decompression algorithms

  » Lossless data compression

  » Pixels

  » Interpolated Images

To overcome this problem the Professional Thermographers Association and Ford the Motor company have funded a development program to help solve this program by creating a cross platform format which will make it easier to convert and upgrade older infra-red image formats, the result of this development is the Infra-red Digital Negative which is now becoming the standard format for archiving IR Images from multiple infra-red cameras.

Compatible Programs

  » GORATEC Thermography Studio

  » IRT Cronista

More Information

  » More information

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