JavaScript Object Notation File

File Extension:.json
Updated:2010-11-18 13:29:08


JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a text based open standard used for web applications, it is based on JavaScript but is its self a stand alone language which through the use of parsers makes it available for most programming languages.

There are two structures on which JSON is built these are a collection of name and value pairs which can be classed as objects and a list of values that is classed as an array.

The Data structures used are universal and are usually supported by the majority of programming languages available today.

Many Web browsers also support JSON natively as it is less of a security risk as it then does not have to parse functions.

Browsers that support JSON natively or that are having support added include.

  » Browsers based on Webkit such as Google Chrome

  » Internet Explorer 8

  » Opera 10.5 or newer

  » Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or newer.

Compatible Programs

  » Notepad++

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