Synthetic music Mobile Application Format

File Extension:.mmf
Updated:2011-01-21 14:24:35
Hex:4D 4D 4D 44 00 00


Files that use the .mff file extension are files stored using SMAF format a data format for multimedia created by Yamaha which for use on portable devices.

Yamaha at this moment in time manufactures five LSIs which can playback SMAF files these are.

  » MA-1

  » MA-2

  » MA-3

  » MA-5

  » MA-7

The chips support the the playing of 4,16,40,64 and 128 notes of high quality sound at the same time and are found in many mobile telephones available today. Up until this point SMAF format has beed used for creating ring tones but is also able to dispalying of text and graphics.

There are also various tools available that can be used to create, edit, convert and playback SMAF files to use these files on your mobile device you need to send it to the device as an email attachment, download to the mobile telephone or through use of a data cable from your computer.

The mime type used for SMAF files is.

  » SMAF   application/vnd.smaf   .mmf
  » HV-Script   application/vnd.yamaha.hv-script   .hvs
  » SMAF Phrase   application/vnd.yamaha.smaf-phrase   .spf

Compatible Programs

  » SMAF Software Tools

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