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File Extension:.nfs11save
Developer:Electronic Arts
Updated:2011-03-05 20:34:30


The Need For Speed series is a set of racing computer games where the player takes part in races and through winning these races is able improve his car or tune it to make it faster. The first game known as Need For Speed was released back in 1994 and with the 2011 Version Shift2 Unleashed there are in all a total of 17 games in the series.

The games are published by Electronic Arts but have been developed by a number of different developers. The cars used in the series are based on actual cars that are or have been in production and have been licensed for use in the game by Electronic Arts.

As with most games the player is able to control the cars using the keyboard, gamepads and steering wheels after you have set the controller to your personal choices these get saved in a file known as controls.NFS11Save.

When you set up various parameters of the game and then save your personal configuration they are also saved using the NFS11SAVE file extension this time the config.NFS11Save. The file used to save the game also uses the NFS11Save file extension in this case it is the MUD.7.NFS11Save file.

Files that you have on your computer that make use of the .NFS11Save file extension are configuration and settings files as well as the saved game file saved by the game. These files are usually saved in "Documents" in a folder named for the game for example for the latest version Hot Pursuit they can be found under C:\Users\username\Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit.

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