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The PDF format was created around 17 years ago by Adobe Systems and has become an global standard for capturing and reviewing information from many applications on most computer operating systems which make it near perfect for sharing content.

PDF is now a open standard which is known as ISO 32000 and is maintained by the organization that manages the ISO standards the International Organization for Standards, this standard will continue to be developed further.

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and even mobile platforms are able to view and print PDF files.

There are a large number of of userīs and vendors who create plug-ins or tools that support the use of PDF, as well as train users in how to obtain the best results when using PDF.

It impossible to judge the number of PDF files today available both openly and those from Businessīs and Government agencies but these are judged to be in excess of 100,000,000 PDF files.

After opening a PDF file you can see it as it was as the original document including any media such as graphics, video, text etc.

When used in areas that require security you are now able to password protect and digitally sign PDF files when they are created with Adobe Acrobat or there LiveCycle ES2 software.

PDF files are usually created using Adobe Systemīs Acrobat software but can also be created using third party software's such as:

  » Ghostscript

  » Open Office

  » PageStream

  » Scribus

Compatible Programs

  » Adobe Acrobat

  » Adobe Reader

  » Nuance Free PDF Reader

More Information

  » http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF

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