PeaZip Compressed File

File Extension:.pea
Developer:Giorgio Tani | PeaZip srl
Updated:2011-06-19 11:08:25


Pack, Encrypt and Authenticate are used by the acronym PEA to describe the .pea file extension which is used by program PeaZip, it supports features such as.

  » Archiving

  » Compression

  » Mutlivolume split files

  » Integrity checking

  » Authenticated encryption

To compress data the format uses a compression based on deflate which allows its ratio and speed to be similar to other formats.

The crypto library from Wolfgang Erhardt is used for Checksum, CRC, hash and encryption.

Other features include.

  » Secure data deletion

  » Checksum/hash utility

  » Compare utility.

Compatible Programs

  » PeaZip

More Information

  » More information on the .pea file extension.

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