Program no longer available

Program Description

The program used to open or support this file format is no longer available.

Supported File Types

icon .step - 1 Step Backup File (Backup Files)

1 Step Backup was a backup software that was used with Zip and Jaz drives from Iomega.Backup files created by this software have the .step file extension. [More Information]

icon .frf - FontMonger Database File (Misc Files)

FontMonger was a program used for editing, importing and Exporting Type 1 and Truetype fonts, the program was developed by Ares Software which has since... [More Information]

icon .pac - CrossePAC Archive File (Archived Files)

CrossePAC is a data compression utility that created archived files that have the .pac file extension. The program is multi platform and can be used on a... [More Information]

icon .m3d - Corel Motion Macro File (3D Files)

CorelDRAW is the name of a vector graphics editing program and for a suite of graphical programs. In the version 6 of CorelDraw there was a 3D program... [More Information]

icon .i3d - Micrografix Simply 3D File (3D Files)

Micrografix Simply 3D was a 3D graphics program developed by Micrografix, Inc. this program is no longer developed due to Micrografix being taken over by... [More Information]

icon .003 - Drive Image 5 Setup File (Archived Files)

003 is the file format used to describe files used during the installation of the program Drive Image 5, this program is now obsolete. [More Information]

icon .pit - PackIt Compressed File (Archived Files)

PackIt was a tool used for data compression and Archiving on Apples Macintosh operating system, this was a popular format which was used until 1987 when the... [More Information]

icon .gcd - Global CD Disk Image File (Disk Image Files)

Files that use the .gcd file extension are disk image files created using burning software Prassi Global CD developed by Prassi. [More Information]

icon .at3 - Airport Tycoon 3 Saved Game (Game Files)

Airport Tycoon was a business strategy game set in an airport where the player had to try and run the airport in profit and extend and improve it there were... [More Information]

icon .btn - Buttonware File (Data Files)

Buttonware, Inc. was a software company that developed database software, the software used files that have the .btn file extension. [More Information]

icon .cht - Harvard Graphics Vector File (Graphic Files)

Harvard Graphics released in 1986 one of the earliest presentation programs that was able to use charts, graphs and text. The first versions of the program... [More Information]

icon .ess - Easy Spreadsheet Spreadsheet File (Spreadsheet Files)

Easyspreadsheet is a spreadsheet program which is part of the EasyOffice program suite which contain the following programs. EasyOffice Premium are:... [More Information]

icon .box - Mailbox File (Misc Files)

The .box file extension was used by the email program Calypso developed by Rose City Software, eventually the program was renamed to Courier which was... [More Information]

icon .new - New Information File (Text Files)

Files that use the .new file extension are information files used by various programs, this file extension is normally no longer in use. [More Information]

icon .ufo - PhotoImpact Graphic File (Graphic Files)

Files that use the .ufo file extension are proprietary graphic files created by the program PhotoImpact developed by Ulead. The program is no longer... [More Information]

icon .fmt - Microsoft Schedule Plus Print File (Misc Files)

Microsoft used to market a time management software called Schedule Plus, this was a part of the Microsoft Office Suite until the 2003 version where it was... [More Information]

icon .cbf - Calender Builder File (Misc Files)

Calender Builder was a software used for creating and printing Calanders, files used by this program had the .cbf file extension. As of 2008 RKS Software... [More Information]

icon .grf - Micrografix Image File (Graphic Files)

Micrografix Draw was a graphics program available for windows until the company was taken over by the Corel Corporation, graphic images created by the... [More Information]

icon .ifp - Knowledgeman Script File (Developer Files)

Files that have the .ifp file extension are script files that are used by the program Knowledgeman. The software was used the development of applications... [More Information]

icon .script - Desktop DNA Application Script File (Misc Files)

Desktop DNA was a program used for system migration that makes use of scripts, you could either use predefined scripts or create your own. Scripts created... [More Information]

icon .frp - Perform File (Misc Files)

Electronic formulas created by the program Perform use the file extension .frp, eventually the software was purchased by Dobe Systems and was discontinued... [More Information]

icon .wp3 - Microsoft Photo Story Project File (Multimedia Files)

Microsoft Photo Story is a software from Microsoft that is used to create presentations using photos, it is possible to add music or narration and various... [More Information]

icon .nvm - AOLpress Help File (Web Files)

The .nvm file extension is used by the program AOLpress, this is a HTML editor that was available from AOL the files are help files used by the program,... [More Information]

icon .cam - Casio Image File (Graphic Files)

Picture files created by QV line of Digital Cameras from Casio have the .cam file extension. [More Information]

icon .cgd - Cricket Graph Data File (Data Files)

For the Macintosh there was a graphic program which was able to create business and statistic graphs, this program was called CricketGraph,data files used... [More Information]

icon .pg - Pagefox File (3D Files)

Pagefox was a DTP program for the Commadore C64 which came on an expansion module and was programmed by Hans Haberl and published by Scanntronik, the file... [More Information]

icon .hmt - HighMat File (Disk Image Files)

HighMat was a technology that was developed by Microsoft and Matsushita(Panasonic)for CDs and was intended to be used for organising music, video and and... [More Information]

icon .pdw - Professional Draw Graphics File (Graphic Files)

Professional Draw was a graphics program for the Commodore Amiga developed by Gold Disk, Inc. around 1995/1996 which was used for editing vector graphics. [More Information]

icon .sbj - Micrografx Clipart or Palette File (Graphic Files)

The file extension .sbj was used by Micrografix products, Micrografix has since become a part of the Corel Corporation. [More Information]

icon .spr - Sprint Document File (Document Files)

Sprint was a word processor originally known as FinalWord until the company that developed it was acquired by Borland documents created by Sprint used the... [More Information]

icon .api - WebOjects API File (Misc Files)

The Java Web Application Server that is from Apple inc. is known as WebObjects, as well as being a application server it is also a framework used to make... [More Information]

icon .mps - Pocket Streets Map File (Geographical Files)

Microsoft Pocket Streets was a map software that ran on Windows CE devices such as Pocket PCs and Smartphones which contained maps of major cities in the... [More Information]

icon .ddt - Jill of the Jungle File (Game Files)

Jill of the Jungle was a platform game released in the early 90s by Epic MegaGames, files used by the game made use of the .ddt file extension. [More Information]

icon .fcd - First Choice Database File (Data Files)

First Choice was a database software used in businesses to organize diverse information, the database files had the .pdg file extension. [More Information]

icon .bun - Monkey Island 3 Game Archive File (Game Files)

The curse of monkey island is the third instalment in the Monkey Island series which are centred around the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood a pirate.... [More Information]

icon .scf - SimTown Effects File (Game Files)

Audio effects used by the game SimTown were stored in files that had the .scf file extension. [More Information]

icon .woc - Widows Orgchart Organization Chart File (Data Files)

Widows Orgchart Organization charts are chart files created using the program Micrografix Inc. Windows OrgChart which creates Organization Charts for use in... [More Information]