Apple iTunes

Program Description

ia a proprietary media player from Apple, that can be used not only to play digital music but also to organise it on your computer. It can also be used to synchronize play lists to electronic media players and as a Interface to access Apples iTunes Store.


Supported File Types

icon .mp3 - MPEG1/2 Audio Layer 3 (Audio Files)

MP3 is the file format used to describe audio files that have been ecoded using a lossy compression format and is the common format used for consumer audio... [More Information]

icon .mov - Apple QuickTime Movie (Video Files)

Mov is the format used for Quicktime video, this is a multimedia container format that can contain a number of tracks. These tracks can be audio, video... [More Information]

icon .ipa - iPod/iPhone Application File (Executable Files)

IPA is the file format used to describe files that contain programs for Apple´s iPhone mobile telephones and for there media players that use applications... [More Information]

icon .mpg - MPEG-1 (Video Files)

MPEG-1 is the file format used to describe compressed files that use a lossy compression, an example of this is the MP3 format. [More Information]

icon .wav - Waveform Audio File Format (Audio Files)

WAV is the file format used to describe audio bitstream files that are used to store Waveform audio format files. [More Information]

icon .m4a - Lossless Audio File (Audio Files)

M4A is the file format used to describe audio files that have been compressed with Apples Lossless Codec. [More Information]

icon .cda - Compact Disc Audio File Shortcut (Audio Files)

Microsoft Windows creates short cut files that represent the tracks on a Audio CD when the disc is inserted in to a drive, these files contain no audio data... [More Information]

icon .m3u8 - MP3 UTF Playlist File (Text Files)

UTF-8 is a format used for encoding Unicode, MP3 playlists that support Unicode have the .m3u8 file extension. [More Information]

icon .m4b - MPEG-4 Audio Book File (Audio Files)

M4B is used to store bookmarked files often used by QUickTime and the Windows Media Player, the M4B files is used together with the MPEG-4 file which... [More Information]

icon .itc2 - iTunes Album Data File (Graphic Files)

iTunes is program for use on both Windows and Macintosh computers and is used to organise and play music and video´s, as well as synchronize with iPhones,... [More Information]

icon .m3u - Media Playlist File (Audio Files)

M3U is the file format used to describe playlist files, these files are usually used by media players to playback a list of songs in a certain order. [More Information]

icon .m4v - Apple Video File (Video Files)

M4V is the file format used to describe video files that you can buy and download using Apples iTunes program, these can be series, films or music video's,... [More Information]

icon .m4r - iPhone Ringtone File (Audio Files)

With Apples iPhone it is possible to create custom ring tones by using the iTunes program and songs purchased through the iTunes store which are able to be... [More Information]

icon .ipsw - IPod/IPad/IPhone Software File (Archived Files)

IPSW files which use the file extension .ipsw are files used to update the firmware on Apples iPad, iPod and iPhone devices, these file are similar to Zip... [More Information]

icon .aac - Advanced Audio Coding (Audio Files)

AAC is the file format used to describe audio files that use a encoding format that uses lossy compression and was originally designed to become the... [More Information]

icon .mpeg - MPEG Movie File (Video Files)

In 1988 the Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG was created to create standards to be used in the transmission of audio and visual data which has been... [More Information]

icon .aa - Audible Audio File (Audio Files)

Audible Audio files that have the extension .aa are Audio Book files from which is a provider for Audio Books and other spoken multimedia formats.... [More Information]

icon .itdb - iTunes Database File (Data Files)

Apple´s iTunes program uses files with the extension .itdb to organise the libaries of music that the program uses. These files are a database which... [More Information]

icon .itl - Music Library File (Data Files)

In 2001 Apple Inc. released the first version of there proprietary Media player known as iTunes. The program can be used for the following. . Media Player .... [More Information]

icon .aif - Audio Interchange File Format (Audio Files)

AIF is the file format used to describe audio files, this format is a standardized format for storing sound on electronic media device's and personal computers. [More Information]

icon .m4p - MPEG-4 Encoded Audio File (Audio Files)

MPEG-4 file containers that are used for encoded audio have the .m4p file extension, usually for these files the encoding used is ACC, also the files are... [More Information]

icon .mpa - MPEG Audio 2 File (Audio Files)

MPA is the file format used to describe audio files that use MPEG layer 2 compression to reduce the file size. [More Information]