ACD Canvas

Program Description

is a program from ACD Systems that is used for creating, enhancing and presenting technical illustrations and graphics.


Supported File Types

icon .ico - Icon File Format (Graphic Files)

ICO is the file format used to describe graphic files known as icons that are used for various things such as folder or buttons in the Windows graphical... [More Information]

icon .cr2 - Canon Raw Image File (Graphic Files)

CR2 is the file format used to describe raw image files created by Canon digital camera´s, the files store the data exactly as it was captured from either... [More Information]

icon .dcm - DICOM Image File (Graphic Files)

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine format developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association also known as NEMA is an Image format... [More Information]

icon .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics File Format (Graphic Files)

SVG is the file format used to describe 2 dimensional vector graphics that can be static and dynamic using a xml based file format. [More Information]

icon .raw - Raw Data File (Graphic Files)

Digital Camera´s especially Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera´s are able to store photographs in both the usual JPG format and in RAW format. RAW format... [More Information]

icon .cdt - CorelDraw Template File (Settings Files)

Templates used by the Graphic Suite Corel Draw use the extension .cdt to identify the template files. By using templates the user can create documents etc.... [More Information]

icon .pcx - Paintbrush Bitmap Image File (Graphic Files)

ZSoft Corperation was a software company that developed the PC Paintbrush software which uses the .pcx file extension. The program was later adapted to work... [More Information]

icon .pat - Pattern File (Graphic Files)

Pattern files are files often used when creating textures as they store the data regarding the image and other information needed to view it, pattern files... [More Information]

icon .gml - Geography Markup Language File (Geographical Files)

Files with the .gml file extension are Geography Markup Language files, these are an extension of the xml file format which was created by the Open... [More Information]

icon .pdd - Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image File (Graphic Files)

Adobe PhotoDeluxe was a software developed by Adobe Systems which was used for image editing, in 2002 it was superseded by Adobe Photoshop Elements. With... [More Information]

icon .cva - ACD Canvas Sequence Set File (Graphic Files)

ACD Canvas is a software used for drawing graphics and images as well as for publishing, it uses file with the .cva file extension, these files are used for... [More Information]