DICOM Image File

File Extension:.dcm
Updated:2011-01-26 12:38:29


Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine format developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association also known as NEMA is an Image format that is used for Ultrasonic scans, MRI and CT scans and and is used in various different medical institutions meaning that the files can be opened and accessed regardless of where they are.

The files are made up of data compiled from nomenclature, composition, dimension and the construction of each printed image. They also contain information relating to the patient so that the image can be be related to a specific patient.

It is also possible to transfer images over Network when the computers in the network have the DICOM software installed, this is possible because the format supports TCP/IP as the protocol used to share data.

The image files which are raster images use the .dcm file extension and are known as DICOM image files.

Compatible Programs

  » ACD Canvas

  » Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

  » DicomWorks

  » GIMP

  » IrfanView

  » XnView

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