Open Office

Program Description

is a open source office suite of Office programs with many functions similar to those found in Microsoft's Office Suite.


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Supported File Types

icon .doc - Word Document (Document Files)

Microsoft Word versions from the Word 97 version up to the Word 2003 version used a binary format which was known as a .doc file. These files usually... [More Information]

icon .xls - Excel Spreadsheet File (Spreadsheet Files)

Microsoft Excel uses the format XLS for its spreadsheets up until Excel 2007 which then used a XML based format that is still in use today in the latest... [More Information]

icon .docx - Microsoft Word Open XML Document (Text Files)

Docx files appear to the user as a single file but are in fact a collection of the files needed for the document that have been archived. The docx format... [More Information]

icon .xlsx - Microsoft Excel XML File (Data Files)

XLSX is the file format used to describe Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files that have been saved in the xml format. [More Information]

icon .pptx - Powerpoint Presentation File (Data Files)

PPTX is the file format used to describe a file used for presentations created with Microsoft Powerpoint, these files are in the xml format and found in... [More Information]

icon .ppt - Powerpoint Slideshow File (Data Files)

A Presentation is often used to show and explain a topic to audiences. Most often the application Microsoft Powerpoint is used which allows the user to... [More Information]

icon .odt - Open Office Document File (Text Files)

ODT is the file format used to describe files used by the program Open Office Writer for text documents [More Information]

icon .ods - OpenOffice Spreadsheet File (Data Files)

ODS is the file format used to describe Spreadsheet files created Open Office Calc are are open xml based files. [More Information]

icon .pps - Powerpoint Slideshow File (Data Files)

Microsoft Powerpoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft and is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Powerpoint uses a series of... [More Information]

icon .odp - OpenOffice Presentation File (Data Files)

Open is Office program suite similar to Microsoft Office, originally developed by StarDivision which was then taken over by Sun Microsystems and... [More Information]

icon .rtf - Rich Text Format (Text Files)

RTF is the file format used to describe text files that use a proprietary Document format developed by Microsoft. [More Information]

icon .odg - OpenDocument Graphic File (Graphic Files)

The OpenDocument specification is file format based on xml and is used for documents, spread sheets, presentations and charts. It was originally developed... [More Information]

icon .xlsm - Microsoft Excel Macro-enabled Workbook file (Spreadsheet Files)

Microsoft Excel is a spread sheet program developed by Microsoft that makes use of files with the extension .xlsm these files are spread sheet files that... [More Information]

icon .tsv - Tab Separarted Value File (Text Files)

Text files that have the .tsv file extension are files that contain data that use the following format. . Files consist of lines . Each line contains fields... [More Information]

icon .dot - Word Document Template File (Layout Files)

The Microsoft Corporation´s Office Suite use´s the extension .dot for templates used by there Word Processing program Microsoft Word. Template´s usually... [More Information]

icon .docm - Word 2007/2010 Open XML Macro-enabled Document File (Text Files)

Microsoft Word 2007 or later support the use of macro enabled documents which use the extension .docm A macro is a small application that carry´s out a... [More Information]

icon .xlr - Microsoft Works Spreadsheet File (Spreadsheet Files)

Microsoft Works is a Home Office program developed by Microsoft similar to the Microsoft Office Suite in that it contains a word processing program,... [More Information]

icon .sxw - Staroffice Writer Document File (Text Files)

The word processing program StarOffice Writer uses the extension .sxw when saving files, this format uses xml. Normally a .swx file consists of different... [More Information]

icon .dic - Dictionary File (Text Files)

Dictionary´s are usually lists of words with definitions for them and often includes the correct way to pronounce the word. Many programs that work with... [More Information]

icon .sds - Chart Application Document File (Document Files)

With the Open Office suite it is possible to create charts and graphs documents that contain these use the the .sds file extension and are known as Chart... [More Information]

icon .dump - Library Symbols File (Developer Files)

Files that have the .dump file extension are files used when programming the Office Suite OpenOffice which contain symbol library's used during the programming. [More Information]

icon .oxt - Open Office Extension File (Misc Files)

The oxt file extension is used by extensions for the Open Office Suite which add to the features of the program. [More Information]

icon .sgf - StarOffice Graphical Document File (Misc Files)

StarOffice is an Office Suite which was originally developed by StarDivision which was taken over by Sun Microsystems who have since been taken over by... [More Information]

icon .sxc - Open Office Spreadsheet File (Spreadsheet Files)

SXC files are used by Open Office, these files are spreadsheet documents created using Open Office Calc. [More Information]