Microsoft Word

Program Description

Microsoft Word which is designed by Microsoft is a Word Processor and a component of the Microsoft Office Suite.


Supported File Types

icon .doc - Word Document (Document Files)

Microsoft Word versions from the Word 97 version up to the Word 2003 version used a binary format which was known as a .doc file. These files usually... [More Information]

icon .docx - Microsoft Word Open XML Document (Text Files)

Docx files appear to the user as a single file but are in fact a collection of the files needed for the document that have been archived. The docx format... [More Information]

icon .shs - Shell Scrap File (Data Files)

SHS is the file format used to describe a shell scrap file which is created when a document is dragged and dropped from a program on to the Desktop, these... [More Information]

icon .eps - Encapsulated Postscript (Graphic Files)

EPS is the file format used to describe a postscript document that describes a graphic or a drawing that can be included in other postscript documents. [More Information]

icon .txt - Text Files (Text Files)

TXT is the file format used to describe a Text Document that can normally be read from any Word Processor, normally these files are unformatted. [More Information]

icon .emz - Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile (Graphic Files)

EMZ is the file format used to describe vector graphic files that are compressed for use in various Microsoft programs. [More Information]

icon .mdi - Microsoft Office Document Imaging File (Layout Files)

MDI is the file format used to describe scanned files saved in Microsoft Office [More Information]

icon .mso - Word OLE Web Page Storage Stream File (Misc Files)

Microsoft Word is a word processing program developed by Microsoft and is a part of the Microsoft Office program suite. When a word document is sent using... [More Information]

icon .rtf - Rich Text Format (Text Files)

RTF is the file format used to describe text files that use a proprietary Document format developed by Microsoft. [More Information]

icon .asd - Word AutoSave File (Backup Files)

The Word Processing program Microsoft Word has a function that automatically saves the document that is being worked on in case of problems with the program... [More Information]

icon .xps - XML Paper Specification File (Layout Files)

XPS is an alternative to Adobe´s PDF format and is a XML paper specification which is used for printing in Microsofts Windows by the Windows Printing... [More Information]

icon .dotx - Microsoft Word 2007 template File (Audio Files)

DOTX is the file format used to describe template files that are used in new versions of Microsoft Office, these files use the new open xml format. [More Information]

icon .wri - Windows Write Document (Text Files)

WRI is the file format used to describe text files that have been created with the program Windows Write which was a program used for Word Processing in... [More Information]

icon .sam - Ami Pro Document File (Text Files)

The program AmiPro was one of the earliest programs to be used for word processing and this was in a DOS environment, later version worked under Windows.... [More Information]

icon .docm - Word 2007/2010 Open XML Macro-enabled Document File (Text Files)

Microsoft Word 2007 or later support the use of macro enabled documents which use the extension .docm A macro is a small application that carry´s out a... [More Information]

icon .dot - Word Document Template File (Layout Files)

The Microsoft Corporation´s Office Suite use´s the extension .dot for templates used by there Word Processing program Microsoft Word. Template´s usually... [More Information]

icon .pwi - Pocket Word Document (Text Files)

Microsoft Word documents that are createde and stored on PDA´s or Smartphones that use Windows Mobile operating systems have the extension PWI. To be able... [More Information]

icon .rels - Microsoft Office 2007 Relationships (Desktop Publishing)

RELS is the file format used to describe the relationships that begin a Microsoft document structure saved in the directory of an open office xml document. [More Information]

icon .pip - Office Personalized Menu File (Settings Files)

Microsoft Office is a collection of programs that are related which have been bundled together in to an Office Suite. These programs use setting files that... [More Information]

icon .dic - Dictionary File (Text Files)

Dictionary´s are usually lists of words with definitions for them and often includes the correct way to pronounce the word. Many programs that work with... [More Information]

icon .acl - Microsoft Office Auto Correction File (Misc Files)

Microsoft Office makes use of files that have the .acl file extension, these are used as part of the automatic correction used and contains the words that... [More Information]

icon .svd - Microsoft Word Autosave File (Backup Files)

Files which have the .svd file extension are backup files that are created by the autosave function that is built in to Microsoft Word. [More Information]

icon .exd - Control Information Cache File (Misc Files)

Microsoft Office is able to cache information regarding controls that have been use in either a word document or excel spreadsheet. These controls can be... [More Information]