Program Description

Quake2 is a First Person Shooter Game where the player takes over the part of a marine who takes part in a mission to recapture the earth from Aliens, at the start of the game most of the marines companions are either caught or killed so he must continue the mission alone.



Supported File Types

icon .bsp - Quake Map File (Game Files)

The Quake engine was created in 1996 for the game Quake by id Software and made use of 3D rendering in real time. The engine reduced the complexity in the... [More Information]

icon .sp3 - Quake 2 32bit Sprite Builder File (Game Files)

Quake 2 was a FPS(First Person Shooter) game that was developed by id Software and released by Activision in 1997 where the user takes the part of a... [More Information]