Internet Explorer

Program Description

is a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft now in the version 8 and is a part of the Windows operating system.


Supported File Types

icon .jnlp - Java Web Start File (Web Files)

To run web applications in a web browser the use of the framework Java Web Start is needed, this framework was developed by Sun Microsystems which has since... [More Information]

icon .do - Java Servlet File (Web Files)

DO is the file format used to describe files that are Java programs that are ran by a web server often used for the creation of dynamic web pages. [More Information]

icon .ashx - ASP.NET Web Handler File (Web Files)

ASHX is the file format used to describe web files that are used by the ASP.NET HTTP Handler when a web page is accessed, it then then creates the code... [More Information]

icon .htm - Hypertext Markup File (Web Files)

Hypertext Markup Language is a language that uses text with special formatting known as markup to tell a web browser what it should show on the computer... [More Information]

icon .jsp - Java Server Page (Web Files)

Java Server Pages are a Java based technology that is used to generate dynamic web pages and was released in 1999 as Sun Microsystems answer to ASP. These... [More Information]

icon .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics File Format (Graphic Files)

SVG is the file format used to describe 2 dimensional vector graphics that can be static and dynamic using a xml based file format. [More Information]

icon .html - HTML 1.0 (Web Files)

HTML is the file format used to describe web files that have been written using HTML. Images, objects and scripts can be embedded in to HTML pages. HTML... [More Information]

icon .website - IE9 Pinned Website File (Web Files)

With the advent of the Internet Explorer 9 it is possible to pin websites to the taskbar in the same way that it is done with programs, this makes it... [More Information]

icon .url - Uniform Resource Locator File (Web Files)

URL is the file format used to describe a file used for the address or location of pages or sites found in the internet, when opened in a Web Browser these... [More Information]

icon .axd - ASP.NET Trace Handler File (Web Files)

Handlers used by ASP.NET are a series classes that are capable of handling requests, there are built in or custom handlers. Used for Diagnostics the custom... [More Information]

icon .js - JScript Executable File (Executable Files)

Microsoft developed the scripting language JScript in 1996 where it was used by the Internet Explorer 3, it is able to be used by all applications that... [More Information]

icon .phtml - PHP File (Web Files)

PHTML files which have the .phtml file extension are PHP files that have been renamed using the AddType line in the httpd.conf file usually to do this you... [More Information]

icon .smil - Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language File (Video Files)

Multimedia presentations use a file called a Smil file which contains the information needed for the presentation and use the extension .smil A smil file is... [More Information]

icon .maff - Mozilla Archive Format File (Archived Files)

The archive format used by some browsers for saving content is known as the Mozilla Archive format which uses the .maff file extension. These files usually... [More Information]

icon .shtml - Server Side Include File (Web Files)

A scripting language that is run on a web server to show for example posts from a discussions forum on a web page or portal can be done using SSI or Server... [More Information]

icon .jhtml - Java HTML Web Page File (Web Files)

JHTML files are HTML web pages that have been dynamically created using Java. [More Information]

icon .sed - Self Extraction Directive File (Archived Files)

IExpress is designed to create setup programs simply by using a wizard you can create a self extracting file that extracts itself and runs the setup program... [More Information]

icon .api - WebOjects API File (Misc Files)

The Java Web Application Server that is from Apple inc. is known as WebObjects, as well as being a application server it is also a framework used to make... [More Information]