Program Description

is a media player for Windows that supports various formats, it is available as both Freeware and Shareware.


Supported File Types

icon .mp3 - MPEG1/2 Audio Layer 3 (Audio Files)

MP3 is the file format used to describe audio files that have been ecoded using a lossy compression format and is the common format used for consumer audio... [More Information]

icon .flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec File (Audio Files)

FLAC which means Free Lossless Audio Codec is a format that is similar to MP3 but that has been compresses using lossless compression which allows the file... [More Information]

icon .ape - Monkey's Audio File (Audio Files)

Monkeys Audio is a loss-less compression format that is used to compress digital music. Audio files compressed with this format use the extension .ape. Due... [More Information]

icon .m3u8 - MP3 UTF Playlist File (Text Files)

UTF-8 is a format used for encoding Unicode, MP3 playlists that support Unicode have the .m3u8 file extension. [More Information]

icon .m3u - Media Playlist File (Audio Files)

M3U is the file format used to describe playlist files, these files are usually used by media players to playback a list of songs in a certain order. [More Information]

icon .rtm - Real Tracker Module File (Audio Files)

Tracker programs are used to edit module files to create sounds using step sequencing, Module file usually contain both the data for the track and the... [More Information]

icon .tak - TAK File (Audio Files)

TAK stands for Toms Lossless Audio Kompressor which was created by the osnabrücker software developer Thomas Becker and some main features of the format... [More Information]

icon .wal - Winamp Skin File (Misc Files)

Winamp is a multimedia Player software developed by Nullsoft, through the use of skins it is possible to change the way that Winamp looks, these skin files... [More Information]

icon .spx - Speex File (Audio Files)

Speex is a open source codec used for compressing speech which can be used by speech applications, features supported by speex include. . Narrowband (8... [More Information]

icon .avs - Winamp Visualization File (Misc Files)

Winamp is a media player that can playback a variety of file formats. It is able to rip and burn music from and to CD and supports plug-ins to extens the... [More Information]

icon .wsz - Winamp Compressed Skin File (Archived Files)

Winamp is a media player that is able to play a variety of music formats, it is possible to change how the program looks by using skin files, these files... [More Information]

icon .mpa - MPEG Audio 2 File (Audio Files)

MPA is the file format used to describe audio files that use MPEG layer 2 compression to reduce the file size. [More Information]