Free Lossless Audio Codec File

File Extension:.flac
Developer:Xiph.Org Foundation
Updated:2011-01-10 14:07:11
Hex:66 4C 61 43 00 00 00 22


FLAC which means Free Lossless Audio Codec is a format that is similar to MP3 but that has been compresses using lossless compression which allows the file to be compressed without any loss in quality. Flac also supports tagging, cover art and fast seeking and is free to use and not covered by any patents.

Features found in FLAC include.

  » Lossless compression

  » Fast encoding/decoding speed

  » Hardware Support

  » Metadata support

  » Error resistant

Audio files that have been encoded with the FLAC format use the extension .flac

Compatible Programs

  » VLC

  » Winamp

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