.tmp File Extension

1 recommended file type found in our database for .tmp extension:

icon Temporary File (Backup Files)

TMP is the file extension that is used for temporary files which are found on personal computers. Temporary files are usually wither backup files or cache... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .bak - Backup File (Backup Files)

A backup is a copy made of files or data found on a computer which has been made in case the original file becomes corrupted or unusable. Applications on a... [More Information]

icon .bup - DVD File Backup (Backup Files)

BUP files are found on DVDs and can be likened to backup files for the DVD usually in case the IFO file found in the Video_TS folder has been corrupted or... [More Information]

icon .001 - Norton Ghost Span File (Backup Files)

001 is the file format used to describe a span file that is created by Norton Ghost, due to limits in DOS, files above 2GB in size cannot be processed... [More Information]

icon .tdb - eBay Turbo Lister File (Backup Files)

TDB is the file format used to describe files that are used by the program eBay Turbo Lister. [More Information]

icon .nbu - Nokia PC Suite Backup File (Backup Files)

Nokia PC Suite is a program used to interface and synchronize between PCs and Nokia mobile phones. It is used to make backups from the telephone as well as... [More Information]