VAIO Content Metadata File

File Extension:.vcmf
Updated:2011-01-17 23:28:01
Hex:76 63 6D 66


vcm_mmd.vcmf files are system files usually generated automatically by Vaio Content Analyzer, found on some Sony VAIO systems, along with user multimedia files like Music, Pictures and Video files, stored on the Hard Disk. These system files contain cached information intended to speed up using the associated multimedia files on Vaio Media.

Usually for each multimedia file on your hard disk, for example if a file named example.mp3 is present then a folder named example.mp3.files will be created by Vaio Content Analyzer, and inside such folders you can find files like vcm_mmd.vcmf, as well as other files with names starting by vcm_s_kf_ in some cases. All these files (as well as the .files folder) are set as hidden files, so unless you change Windows Explorer settings to allow seeing hidden files, you should not be able to see them.

Vaio Media allows the sharing of Music, Pictures and Video files on home based networks, if you do not intend to use Vaio Media then you may wish to disable Vaio Content Analyzer from creating these files, you can do it by accessing VAIO Content Analyser Settings in Control Panel, then in the tabs "Pictures and Videos" and "Music", uncheck all the "analyze" options. Also to remove all the already existing cached files just select "Monitoring Folders" and uncheck all the check boxes and ignore the message you get.

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