Warcraft 3 Replay Files

File Extension:.w3g
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment
Updated:2011-03-20 13:34:30


Warcraft 3 is a strategy game that is played in real time, it is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. In the game you can choose one of four races which include humans, orcs, night elves and undead.

The game is played over various maps where the player has to build towns and cities to produce resources and money to improve its defences etc. When the player has explored an area of the map he is able to view that part, other parts that have not been explored are covered by a blackness which masks everything.

The games is playable as a single player game either against computer created enemy's or against others over the internet or network using the multi-player mode.

If you wish to view a previous part of the game as a reply then the game will create files with the file extension .w3g, these are Warcraft 3 Replay Files.

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