Virtual Reality Modeling Language World File

File Extension:.wrl
Developer:Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Updated:2011-03-20 12:14:10


Virtual Reality Modelling Language which is also known as VRML is a file format that is used to explain 3D worlds and interactive objects that are contained in the worlds. The earlier releases of VRML were developed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. with contributions from various other companies such as Sony etc.

By using VRML it is possible to create static and animated objects that are able through use of hyper links interact with other media in the world. These worlds are viewed by using Interpreters or Browsers to view the worlds as well as many different programs to author the worlds.

With the advent of VRML 2.0 various changes to the previous version were added to enrich the users experience in the Virtual world. Improvements added include static worlds that have been enhanced, interaction, animation, scripting and prototyping. There have also been changes made to the node types that are available when compared to version 1.0

VRML is a ISO standard with the description ISO/IEC 14772

Compatible Programs

  » AutoCAD

  » Autodesk 3ds Max

  » Cosmo Player VRML Plugin

  » Pov-Ray

More Information

  » VRML 2.0 Specifications.

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