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Updated:2010-11-21 13:43:52
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FLV or Flash Video is used to encode synchronized audio and video streams which contain only one audio and one video stream and is usually used for the delivery of video content over the internet using Adobe Systems Flash Player.

The video streams in FLV files are based on a variant of the H.263 standard which is known as Sorenson Spark, there is also another standard know as On2 VP6 which has better quality when lower bit rates are used but will not run as well on older systems.

FLV Videos are used by.

  » You Tube

  » Google Video

  » Reuters

  » Yahoo! Video

  » Myspace

Usually FLV files are created using Adobe Systems Flash program which uses the programming laguage known as ActionScript which makes it possible to show Flash Video from SWF files. Due to the Flash Player being a web browser plug-in it is possible to show video on web pages.

Audio in FLV files is usually stored in MP3 format plus FLV is alo able to support uncompressed audio.

FLV files can be transported to the user using various methods such as standalone files or embedded in SWF files

Programs that can open FLV files on the computer.

  » Adobe Flash Player (used in various web browsers)

  » Media Player Classic

  » VLC Media Player

Compatible Programs

  » Adobe Flash CS5

  » Adobe Flash Player

  » VLC

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