Program Description

VLC used to be known as Video Lan Client and is a multimedia player capable of playing various audio and video formats and also supports various streaming protocols.



Supported File Types

icon .mp3 - MPEG1/2 Audio Layer 3 (Audio Files)

MP3 is the file format used to describe audio files that have been ecoded using a lossy compression format and is the common format used for consumer audio... [More Information]

icon .mkv - Matroska Video File (Video Files)

MKV is the file format used to describe a container file format used for storing video files which supports the use of various codecs. [More Information]

icon .bup - DVD File Backup (Backup Files)

BUP files are found on DVDs and can be likened to backup files for the DVD usually in case the IFO file found in the Video_TS folder has been corrupted or... [More Information]

icon .srt - Subtitle File (Text Files)

Subtitle files that are used for DVDs or Video usually use the file extension SRT. These files contain plain text which is formatted, for Time the format of... [More Information]

icon .avi - Audio Video Interleave (Video Files)

AVI is the file format used to describe video files in a multimedia container from Microsoft that was part of Video for Windows technology and generally... [More Information]

icon .flv - Flash Video (Video Files)

FLV or Flash Video is used to encode synchronized audio and video streams which contain only one audio and one video stream and is usually used for the... [More Information]

icon .wmv - Windows Media Video (Video Files)

WMV is one of many video formats which in this case has been compressed through the use of various codecs from Microsoft. In 2006 the organization SMPTE... [More Information]

icon .flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec File (Audio Files)

FLAC which means Free Lossless Audio Codec is a format that is similar to MP3 but that has been compresses using lossless compression which allows the file... [More Information]

icon .3gp - 3GPP (Video Files)

3GP is used to describe both the format and the container that holds the video data, the format 3GP was designed for use with mobile telephones and is... [More Information]

icon .amr - Adaptive Multi Rate Compressed File (Audio Files)

AMR is the file format used to describe a file compressed with the Adaptive Multi Rate Codec which is usually used for mobile telephone systems to compress... [More Information]

icon .h264 - H.264 video file (Video Files)

Files that use the h.264 file extension are files that have been compressed using the H.264/MPEG-4 codec. [More Information]

icon .webm - WeM Container File (Video Files)

The WebM project aims to develop a open video format that has high quality and is free. WebM is a container format which uses the VP8 codec and Vorbis codec... [More Information]

icon .mpg - MPEG-1 (Video Files)

MPEG-1 is the file format used to describe compressed files that use a lossy compression, an example of this is the MP3 format. [More Information]

icon .ogg - Ogg Vorbis Compressed File (Audio Files)

OGG is the file format used to describe Audio files that have been encoded and compressed using Ogg Vorbis compression, the format is not patented and free... [More Information]

icon .3ga - Mobile Telephone Audio File (Audio Files)

3GA files are audio files used by mobile telephone which was developed by the 3GGP Organization. [More Information]

icon .wav - Waveform Audio File Format (Audio Files)

WAV is the file format used to describe audio bitstream files that are used to store Waveform audio format files. [More Information]

icon .mts - AVCHD Video File (Video Files)

MTS is the file format used to describe video files encoded in the MPEG Transport Stream format usually on Video cameras that support HD formats. These... [More Information]

icon .wma - Windows Media Audio (Audio Files)

WMA is the file format used to describe audio files that have been encoded using the wma compression format, wma can be used to describe the file format and... [More Information]

icon .f4v - MP4 Video File (Video Files)

Fv4 is a container format that is used to store the data for video files. These files are similar to Flash(FLV) but are in High Definition. [More Information]

icon .cda - Compact Disc Audio File Shortcut (Audio Files)

Microsoft Windows creates short cut files that represent the tracks on a Audio CD when the disc is inserted in to a drive, these files contain no audio data... [More Information]

icon .m4b - MPEG-4 Audio Book File (Audio Files)

M4B is used to store bookmarked files often used by QUickTime and the Windows Media Player, the M4B files is used together with the MPEG-4 file which... [More Information]

icon .ax - DirectShow Filter File (Plugin Files)

AX is the file format used to describe files that are used by DirectShow during playback that contain data regarding the en and decoding, compression and... [More Information]

icon .ts - Transport Stream File (Video Files)

DVD´s use files with the extension .ts to store the data that makes up the film, the ts files are Video Transport Stream files which are compressed using... [More Information]

icon .3g2 - 3GPP2 file format (Video Files)

3G2 is the file format used to describe a container format for multimedia developed by 3GPP2, it is similar to the 3GP format but does have some limitations... [More Information]

icon .divx - DivX Encoded Movie File (Video Files)

DIVX is the file format used to describe video files that have been encoded using the .divx codec. [More Information]

icon .m2ts - BDAV MPEG-2 File (Video Files)

Blu-ray is a optical disc standard which is able to store up to 25GB for single layer and 50GB for dual layer media. Differences to DVD media is the size... [More Information]

icon .m3u - Media Playlist File (Audio Files)

M3U is the file format used to describe playlist files, these files are usually used by media players to playback a list of songs in a certain order. [More Information]

icon .vro - DVD Video Recording File (Video Files)

A disc that has been recorded by a DVD Recorder has a directory in the root and in this directory is a file called VR_Movie.VRO, this file contains audio... [More Information]

icon .m4v - Apple Video File (Video Files)

M4V is the file format used to describe video files that you can buy and download using Apples iTunes program, these can be series, films or music video's,... [More Information]

icon .wv - WavPack compressed Audio File (Audio Files)

WV is the file format used to describe audio files that have been encoded using the WavPack lossless compression codec. [More Information]

icon .ogv - Video Container File (Video Files)

Files with the file extension .ogv are a container format used for video, this format was developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation [More Information]

icon .xspf - XML Shareable Playlist File (Audio Files)

Files that have the .xspf file extension are XML shareable playlists, these can be used to share playlists with others and are able to play music that is... [More Information]

icon .aac - Advanced Audio Coding (Audio Files)

AAC is the file format used to describe audio files that use a encoding format that uses lossy compression and was originally designed to become the... [More Information]

icon .vp6 - TrueMotion VP6 Video File (Video Files)

The file extension .vp6 was used by the program On2 Flix, this program created video files and the .vp6 extension was used to let your computer know that it... [More Information]

icon .cdg - Compact Disc Plus Graphics File (Graphic Files)

CDG is the file format used to describe the Image files usually used for Karaoke which have a mixture of graphics and audio which create the tracks on the disc. [More Information]

icon .dts - DTS Audio File (Audio Files)

DTS is the file format used to describe audio files that have been encoded with the DTS format, this uses 5.1 Channel audio and is used for Surround Sound... [More Information]

icon .m2p - MPEG-2 File (Video Files)

MPEG-2 is a compression method used when encoding movies, files that have been encoded using this method has then .m2p file extension. [More Information]

icon .fid - Streamed Video File (Video Files)

Files that have the .fid file extension are streaming videos similar to the better known .flv format [More Information]

icon .flvAT - Flash Video (Video Files)

Some video files downloaded from Youtube come with flvAT file extension, for unknown reason, these are apparently normal Flash Video (.flv) files and to... [More Information]

icon .mpc - Musepack Audio File (Audio Files)

Musepack music files use the extension MPC and uses a high quality lossy compression to create audio files that have better quality than MP3 files. MPEG-1... [More Information]

icon .ogm - Ogg Media File (Video Files)

The Xiph.Org Foundation developed a open standard container format for the streaming and manipulation of digital multimedia. The format can contain audio,... [More Information]

icon .mpls - Blu-ray Information File (Video Files)

Blu-ray is a optical disc format used for HD Video and was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association. For each playlist a file with the .mpls fiel extension... [More Information]

icon .trp - High Definition Video Transport Stream File (Encoded Files)

Files that have the .trp file extension are files used for High Definition Transport Streams, these use H.264 video encoding and AC3 audio encoding. [More Information]

icon .m1v - MPEG-1 Video File (Video Files)

Videos that have been encoded using the MPEG-1 codec make use of the .m1v file extension. MPEG-1 is the lossy compression format used to encode audio and... [More Information]