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Updated:2010-12-05 13:03:49
Hex:4D 54 68 64 00 00 00 06 00 01 00


The advent of electronic instruments such as Synthesizers which were being connected to other instruments and computers made it neccersary for an industry standard to be used that allowed the various devices to speak to each other, this was created in 1982.

MIDI transmits events instead of audio data these can include.

  » Intensity

  » Panning.

  » Cues

  » Pitch

  » Vibrato

  » Tempo

All MIDI devices and software use the same protocol MIDI 1.0 so that they all understand the messages sent the same way, due to MIDI files containing information they are smaller than files that contain audio data.

The instruments that can use MIDI include.

  » Keyboards

  » Drum Machines

  » Guitar Synthersizers

  » Pedal Keyboards

The file extension that is used when saving MIDI files is .mid.

Compatible Programs

  » Apple QuickTime Player

  » Windows Media Player

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