Apple QuickTime Player

Program Description

Apple QuickTime Player is a multimedia player developed by Apple and is part of the QuickTime installation for both Windows and Mac OS. It can be used as a streaming client for MPEG-4, 3GPP and QuickTime compatible live streaming formats.

Supported File Types

icon .mp4 - MPEG-4 (Video Files)

MPEG-4 was developed by the MPEG group (Moving Picture Experts Group) and is an ISO/IEC standard, files that use this standard are usually compressed using... [More Information]

icon .mov - Apple QuickTime Movie (Video Files)

Mov is the format used for Quicktime video, this is a multimedia container format that can contain a number of tracks. These tracks can be audio, video... [More Information]

icon .3gp - 3GPP (Video Files)

3GP is used to describe both the format and the container that holds the video data, the format 3GP was designed for use with mobile telephones and is... [More Information]

icon .amr - Adaptive Multi Rate Compressed File (Audio Files)

AMR is the file format used to describe a file compressed with the Adaptive Multi Rate Codec which is usually used for mobile telephone systems to compress... [More Information]

icon .mpg - MPEG-1 (Video Files)

MPEG-1 is the file format used to describe compressed files that use a lossy compression, an example of this is the MP3 format. [More Information]

icon .ogg - Ogg Vorbis Compressed File (Audio Files)

OGG is the file format used to describe Audio files that have been encoded and compressed using Ogg Vorbis compression, the format is not patented and free... [More Information]

icon .3ga - Mobile Telephone Audio File (Audio Files)

3GA files are audio files used by mobile telephone which was developed by the 3GGP Organization. [More Information]

icon .wav - Waveform Audio File Format (Audio Files)

WAV is the file format used to describe audio bitstream files that are used to store Waveform audio format files. [More Information]

icon .tga - Truevision Targa Graphic File (Graphic Files)

TGA is the file format used to describe graphic files created using the image format created by Truevision´for us in the early video software programs. [More Information]

icon .ax - DirectShow Filter File (Plugin Files)

AX is the file format used to describe files that are used by DirectShow during playback that contain data regarding the en and decoding, compression and... [More Information]

icon .3g2 - 3GPP2 file format (Video Files)

3G2 is the file format used to describe a container format for multimedia developed by 3GPP2, it is similar to the 3GP format but does have some limitations... [More Information]

icon .kar - Karaoke MIDI File (Audio Files)

KAR is the file format used to describe midi files that have song lyrics, these files do not contain any audio data. [More Information]

icon .divx - DivX Encoded Movie File (Video Files)

DIVX is the file format used to describe video files that have been encoded using the .divx codec. [More Information]

icon .m3u - Media Playlist File (Audio Files)

M3U is the file format used to describe playlist files, these files are usually used by media players to playback a list of songs in a certain order. [More Information]

icon .vro - DVD Video Recording File (Video Files)

A disc that has been recorded by a DVD Recorder has a directory in the root and in this directory is a file called VR_Movie.VRO, this file contains audio... [More Information]

icon .m4v - Apple Video File (Video Files)

M4V is the file format used to describe video files that you can buy and download using Apples iTunes program, these can be series, films or music video's,... [More Information]

icon .smi - Self-Mounting Disk Image (Disk Image Files)

SMI files are found on the Mac OS 9 or older operating systems and are disc image files that can be opened and mounted. [More Information]

icon .vid - Video File (Video Files)

The file extension .vid is used for video files often for Apple QuickTime videos. [More Information]

icon .mpeg - MPEG Movie File (Video Files)

In 1988 the Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG was created to create standards to be used in the transmission of audio and visual data which has been... [More Information]

icon .mid - MIDI File (Audio Files)

The advent of electronic instruments such as Synthesizers which were being connected to other instruments and computers made it neccersary for an industry... [More Information]

icon .smil - Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language File (Video Files)

Multimedia presentations use a file called a Smil file which contains the information needed for the presentation and use the extension .smil A smil file is... [More Information]

icon .aif - Audio Interchange File Format (Audio Files)

AIF is the file format used to describe audio files, this format is a standardized format for storing sound on electronic media device's and personal computers. [More Information]

icon .qt - Quicktime Movie File (Video Files)

QT also known as QuickTime Movie uses a framework for Multimedia and was developed by Apple. These files support video, picture, sound, images and... [More Information]

icon .mpa - MPEG Audio 2 File (Audio Files)

MPA is the file format used to describe audio files that use MPEG layer 2 compression to reduce the file size. [More Information]