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MPEG-4 was developed by the MPEG group (Moving Picture Experts Group) and is an ISO/IEC standard, files that use this standard are usually compressed using the algorithms in MPEG-4 and are stored in a container format.

It is possible to use MPEG-4 on networks that vary from very high bandwidth to low bandwidth networks such as those used on mobile telephones.

Scenes for MPEG-4 are usually composed of

  » Still images

  » Video objects

  » Audio objects

The format also provides a standard way that scenes can be described.

  » Placement of media objects

  » Transformations to geometrical and acoustical appearance of media objects

  » Group primitive media objects

  » Application of streamed data to media objects

  » Change the viewing and listening points of the user

This format continues to be developed and is divided in to various parts which are then implemented by developers as needed.

Improvements over previous versions are

  » Better coding efficiency

  » Ability to encode mixed media data

  » Error resilience

  » Able to interact with the scene that the viewer can see.

Compatible Programs

  » Apple QuickTime Player

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