Program Description

is a program used for viewing and converting various graphical formats, the program supports around 400 various formats. The program is free for non commercial use.



Supported File Types

icon .dcm - DICOM Image File (Graphic Files)

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine format developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association also known as NEMA is an Image format... [More Information]

icon .sim - Aurora Image File (Graphic Files)

SIM is the file format used to describe a file that was made in Aurora. [More Information]

icon .ct - Continous Tone File (Graphic Files)

The file extension .ct is used by the file format known as Continuous Tone which was developed by the company Scitex, this format is used normally in high... [More Information]

icon .xv - Khoros VIFF Bitmap File (Graphic Files)

Files with the file extension .xv are Khoros VIFF Bitmap files. Viff stands for Visualization Image File Format and was developed by Khoral Inc. these files... [More Information]

icon .xdw - X Windows Screen Dump File (Graphic Files)

X Windowy is a user interface that uses graphics commonly known as a GUI which is similar to windows and Mac OS but what makes it different is that it makes... [More Information]

icon .gb - Pagefox Bitmap Image File (Graphic Files)

The Commodore 64 was a home computer which was released in 1982 and eventually it sold in the region of 17Million units. Through the use of a cartridge... [More Information]

icon .wmf - Windows Metafile File (Graphic Files)

In the 1990īs a file format for graphics was developed called windows metafile, this was developed to make it possible for vector and bitmap graphics to be... [More Information]

icon .icl - Icon Library File (Misc Files)

Files that have the .icl file extension are icon library files which are used by Windows, a common usage is when you wish to change the icon used by a... [More Information]

icon .yuv - YUV Image File (Graphic Files)

YUV is the file format used to describe graphic files that use the following. The values of RGB are added together to produce Y which is representative of... [More Information]

icon .cmx - Corel Metafile Exchange File (Graphic Files)

Corel Presentations is a part of the Word Perfect Office suite and is used to create presentations, the program makes use of files which have the .cmx file... [More Information]

icon .hdp - HD Photo File (Graphic Files)

The HD Photo file format developed by Microsoft along with ITU-T and ISO/IEC is a format for photographic images which supports lossless and lossy... [More Information]

icon .mbm - MultiBitmap files (Graphic Files)

Files that use the .mbm file extension are bitmap container files found in Symbian OS the operating system for mobile telephones. [More Information]