Adobe Flash CS5

Program Description

Adobe Flash CS5 is an industry standard software used for interactive authoring and delivery.


Supported File Types

icon .flv - Flash Video (Video Files)

FLV or Flash Video is used to encode synchronized audio and video streams which contain only one audio and one video stream and is usually used for the... [More Information]

icon .f4v - MP4 Video File (Video Files)

Fv4 is a container format that is used to store the data for video files. These files are similar to Flash(FLV) but are in High Definition. [More Information]

icon .asc - Adobe ActionScript Communication File (Developer Files)

ActionScript from Adobe Systems is used to control programs that run using Flash. These files are then run Server Side by the Flash Media Interactive... [More Information]

icon .fla - Adobe Flash Files (Developer Files)

FLA is the file format used to describe movie or animation files that have been created with Flash so that the movies or animations can be viewed in web... [More Information]

icon .m2ts - BDAV MPEG-2 File (Video Files)

Blu-ray is a optical disc standard which is able to store up to 25GB for single layer and 50GB for dual layer media. Differences to DVD media is the size... [More Information]

icon .abc - ActionScript Byte Code File (Developer Files)

ABC is the file extension used by Adobe´s ActionScript and refers to the blocks of 8 bit bytes used in the code that executed by the compiler. [More Information]

icon .as - ActionScript Source Code File (Web Files)

Source code files used by Adobe Systems ActionScript have the .as file extension. ActionScript is a object oriented programming language for the Adobe Flash... [More Information]

icon .qt - Quicktime Movie File (Video Files)

QT also known as QuickTime Movie uses a framework for Multimedia and was developed by Apple. These files support video, picture, sound, images and... [More Information]