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QT also known as QuickTime Movie uses a framework for Multimedia and was developed by Apple. These files support video, picture, sound, images and interactive content and is available for both Mac OS X and WIndows operating systems.

QuickTime is a part of Mac OS X but Microsoft Windows users need to download the program QuickTime to playback QuickTime Movies.

The framework that is used supports.

  » Transcoding/Encoding of both video and audio in to other formats.

  » Decoding of video and audio then the ability to stream the content

  » A plug-in architecture used for the support of 3rd party codecs

The format uses a multimedia container that holds at least one track of video, picture, sound, images and interactive content, another useful function is being able to edit due to being able to import and edit in place without having to copy the data.

Usually QuickTime movies are saved using the better known .mov format.

Compatible Programs

  » Adobe Flash CS5

  » Apple QuickTime Player

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