Program Description

Notepad++ is a source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment


Supported File Types

icon .php - PHP (Web Files)

PHP is an open source scripting language that is usually used for web development, the name PHP comes from the use of a acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor.... [More Information]

icon .srt - Subtitle File (Text Files)

Subtitle files that are used for DVDs or Video usually use the file extension SRT. These files contain plain text which is formatted, for Time the format of... [More Information]

icon .cfg - Configuration File (Settings Files)

CFG is the file format used to describe text files that are used to configure computer programs and in most cases are one line per entry. [More Information]

icon .json - JavaScript Object Notation File (Developer Files)

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a text based open standard used for web applications, it is based on JavaScript but is its self a stand alone language... [More Information]

icon .properties - Java Properties File (Settings Files)

PROPERTIES is the file format used to describe text files used by Java programs, they contain resources needed by the program and can be opened in most text... [More Information]

icon .nfo - Information File (Text Files)

NFO is the file format used to describe text files usually used by System information a part of windows but also often used for information denoting a... [More Information]

icon .xsd - XML Schema File (Developer Files)

XML uses definition files which share and define languages and for functions for xml files. The definition files use the extension .xsd and make sure that... [More Information]

icon .ashx - ASP.NET Web Handler File (Web Files)

ASHX is the file format used to describe web files that are used by the ASP.NET HTTP Handler when a web page is accessed, it then then creates the code... [More Information]

icon .htm - Hypertext Markup File (Web Files)

Hypertext Markup Language is a language that uses text with special formatting known as markup to tell a web browser what it should show on the computer... [More Information]

icon .mrk - Digital Print Order Format File (Misc Files)

Digital Print Order Format is used to allow users to print photographs from digital cameras, mobile telephones etc, the files used by Digital Print Order... [More Information]

icon .ica - Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File (Settings Files)

Citrix Systems is a company founded in 1989 which provides products for IT Management and Business Solutions which makes use of Virtual Computing. Citrix... [More Information]

icon .vnt - vNote File (Text Files)

Many mobile telephones have software installed that makes it possible to take notes or make reminders, one format used is the vNote format which is a text... [More Information]

icon .py - Python Script File (Developer Files)

Python is a dynamic programming language that is used for a variety of applications. Some key features are. . Clear readable syntax . Introspection... [More Information]

icon .pl - Perl Script File (Developer Files)

Perl is a programming language that has been in use for over 20 years. Features in Perl are. . High quality code . Object oriented, procedural and... [More Information]

icon .upd - Update File (System Files)

Computer software or operating systems are often updated to fix bugs or simply keep them up to date, often when a program is updated you will find a file on... [More Information]

icon .man - Unix Manual File (Text Files)

ASCII text files that contain system commands for Unix systems are known as manuals which use the .man file extension. [More Information]

icon .tsv - Tab Separarted Value File (Text Files)

Text files that have the .tsv file extension are files that contain data that use the following format. . Files consist of lines . Each line contains fields... [More Information]

icon .out - Output File (Data Files)

Output files which use the .out file extension are created and used by different programs, they are usually text file which means that they can be opened by... [More Information]

icon .nfs11save - Need For Speed Saved File (Game Files)

The Need For Speed series is a set of racing computer games where the player takes part in races and through winning these races is able improve his car or... [More Information]

icon .strings - Text String File (Text Files)

Files that use the .strings file extension are found in Apple Mac OS X programs and usually contain strings of text for error messages or status messages. [More Information]

icon .me - Readme File (Text Files)

Most software programs have files that are named Read Me this is often written in capital letters to make the user notice it and read it. In most cases... [More Information]

icon .text - ASCII Text File (Text Files)

If you find that you have files on your computer that have the .text file extension they will more than likely be ASCII files which can be opened by using... [More Information]

icon .dtd - Document Type Definition (Text Files)

Before XML became the norm Document Type Definition or DTD was used to define the structure of XML documents. DTD defined exactly where resources such as... [More Information]

icon .s - Source Code File (Developer Files)

The file extension .s or S is used for source code files. [More Information]

icon .d - D Source Code File (Developer Files)

D is a programming language that is used to write amongst other things software used in finance, the language can be created using any text editor but need... [More Information]

icon .htaccess - Access Configuration File (Settings Files)

.htaccess files are ASCII text files used on web servers as a directory configuration file used for decentralized management of the server.These files need... [More Information]

icon .inc - Include Files (Developer Files)

Files that use the .inc file extension are include files used in programming languages such as Pascal, C/C++, PHP and Java. These files are used to... [More Information]

icon .ppd - PostScript Printer Description File (System Files)

Printers that support Postscript use description files that are known as Postscript Printer Description or PPD. These files contain certain information for... [More Information]

icon .src - Source Code File (Developer Files)

Source code is a computer programming language that is usually written in text format which is then compiled so that the computer can understand it and... [More Information]

icon .css - Cascading Sheet Style File (Layout Files)

CSS also known as Cascading Style Sheets are used in web documents and web pages for the addition of styles or formatting such as fonts, colour or spacing... [More Information]

icon .htc - HTML Component File (Web Files)

Files that use the file extension .htc are HTML Component Files which are HTML pages that are wrapped in descriptors that define properties etc that are... [More Information]

icon .pm - Perl Module File (Developer Files)

Perl is a programming language used for system administration, web development etc. It features support for both procedural and object orientated... [More Information]

icon .resx - Resource File (Misc Files)

Resource files used by Microsoft's .NET framework use the file extension .resx. These files consist of xml which specifies objects and strings inside xml... [More Information]

icon .hta - HTML Application (Executable Files)

HTML applications use files with the .hta file extension, these files are executable files. [More Information]

icon .htt - Hypertext Template File (Settings Files)

When the Windows Explorer shows folders in HTML mode then files that have the .htt file extension are used, these are Hypertext Template files which control... [More Information]

icon .xhtml - Extensible HyperText Markup Language File (Web Files)

XHTML is a collection of modules and document types that are used to extend the HTML4 file format, these files have the xhtml file extension and use xml. [More Information]

icon .rvb - Rhinoscript File (Developer Files)

RhinoScript is a tool used for scripting that is similar to VBScript from Microsoft. The script is read line by line from the computer and makes use of flow... [More Information]

icon .emu - Bitcom Data File (Misc Files)

Through the use of terminal emulation using Bitcom it is possible to run one virtual computer inside another this is done to simulate communication... [More Information]

icon .cl - i5 QCLSRS Source File (Text Files)

The .cl file extension is used by the AS/400i Series and is used when i5 QCLSRS source files are exported as text files. This entry was added by a user and... [More Information]