Adobe Reader

Program Description

Adobe Reader is a software that is used for electronic document sharing using a global standard. It is able to open all PDF files and can be used to view, search, digitally sign, collaborate, verify and print Adobe PDF files.


Supported File Types

icon .pdf - Portable Document Format (Text Files)

The PDF format was created around 17 years ago by Adobe Systems and has become an global standard for capturing and reviewing information from many... [More Information]

icon .ai - Adobe Illustrator Artwork (Graphic Files)

AI is the file format used to describe proprietary files used by Adobe Illustrator to represent single page vector graphics. [More Information]

icon .lng - Adobe Acrobat Language Plugin File (Plugin Files)

Adobe Acrobat is a application from Adobe Systems that is used to create and open .pdf files, as with most Adobe applications the program can be improved by... [More Information]

icon .dlm - Adobe Download Manager Partial File (Misc Files)

Both Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player use the Adobe Download Manager to deliver them to the user, the program is able to resume a download if for some... [More Information]