.scm File Extension

3 recommended file type found in our database for .scm extension:

icon ScreenCam Movie File (Video Files)

ScreenCam Movies from Lotus is a software that is used to create movies which can be used for multimedia product demonstrations which can include... [More Information]

icon Script-Fu File (Misc Files)

Script-Fu is a scripting extension that is used by the Gimp a free Image editing program similar to Adobes Photoshop.By using Script-Fu it is possible to... [More Information]

icon Starcraft Map File (Game Files)

Starcraft is a strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the first version was released in 1998. Maps that are used in the game have the .scm file... [More Information]

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Related File Extensions

icon .mkv - Matroska Video File (Video Files)

MKV is the file format used to describe a container file format used for storing video files which supports the use of various codecs. [More Information]

icon .mp4 - MPEG-4 (Video Files)

MPEG-4 was developed by the MPEG group (Moving Picture Experts Group) and is an ISO/IEC standard, files that use this standard are usually compressed using... [More Information]

icon .avi - Audio Video Interleave (Video Files)

AVI is the file format used to describe video files in a multimedia container from Microsoft that was part of Video for Windows technology and generally... [More Information]

icon .vob - VOB (Video Files)

DVD Video Oject or as it is better known VOB is the container file on a DVD Disc that contains the actual film data. VOB files are MPEG-2 system streams... [More Information]

icon .flv - Flash Video (Video Files)

FLV or Flash Video is used to encode synchronized audio and video streams which contain only one audio and one video stream and is usually used for the... [More Information]