Adobe Flash Player

Program Description

The Adobe Flash Player is a program that can be used in conjunction with web browsers to view animations and movies in the swf format.


Supported File Types

icon .swf - SWF (Web Files)

SWF is a file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript that are used in Adobe Flash. SWF was originally developed for displaying vector... [More Information]

icon .flv - Flash Video (Video Files)

FLV or Flash Video is used to encode synchronized audio and video streams which contain only one audio and one video stream and is usually used for the... [More Information]

icon .f4v - MP4 Video File (Video Files)

Fv4 is a container format that is used to store the data for video files. These files are similar to Flash(FLV) but are in High Definition. [More Information]

icon .flp - Adobe Flash Project File (Multimedia Files)

Adobe Flash is used to add media such as videos, animation etc to pages found in the Internet, these are usually made from vector and raster graphics.Audio... [More Information]

icon .sol - Flash shared object File (Settings Files)

Cookies are text files that are saved by a persons web browser and usually contain various pieces of information dependent on the web page visited, Adobe... [More Information]

icon .x32 - Adobe Xtra File (3D Files)

IN 2005 Adobe Systems purchased the company Macromedia who had developed the programs Dreamweaver and Flash. So that these programs can be correctly updated... [More Information]

icon .vp6 - TrueMotion VP6 Video File (Video Files)

The file extension .vp6 was used by the program On2 Flix, this program created video files and the .vp6 extension was used to let your computer know that it... [More Information]

icon .as - ActionScript Source Code File (Web Files)

Source code files used by Adobe Systems ActionScript have the .as file extension. ActionScript is a object oriented programming language for the Adobe Flash... [More Information]

icon .dlm - Adobe Download Manager Partial File (Misc Files)

Both Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player use the Adobe Download Manager to deliver them to the user, the program is able to resume a download if for some... [More Information]